SRM Pricelist

SRM Training System Current CAD Currency Pricing to November 30, 2016

Pricing fluctuates based on USD/CAD FX rates.

The complete SRM Training System purchase includes the PowerControl 8 (PC8) and all wireless accessories (heart rate monitor, speed sensor, magnetic USB download cable, handlebar mount, cadence magnet, and SRM software). The PowerMeter Only
option allows customers to purchase the SRM PowerMeter separately to be used with ANT+Sport™ compatible devices, or for a second bike with a shared wireless PowerControl 8. Price does not include GST or shipping. Contact us for ordering information.

Complete Systems

PowerMeter only deduct $650

SRMORGN SRM Origin System with Look Carbon Arms $3,595

CAM Campagnolo System $3,995

SHIM11 Shimano 9000 11 Speed System $3,595

SRAM975 SRAM S975 GXP or PF30 System $2,795

ROTOR Rotor 3D or 3D+ System Compact or Regular (No Cranks, Chainrings add $150) $2,495

SPZD Specialized BB30  System Compact or Regular (No Cranks, Chainrings add $150) $2,495

CDSI Cannondale BB30  System Compact or Regular (No Cranks, Chainrings add $150) $2,495

TRCK  Rotor 3D Track System (Wireless)-No chainrings $3,369

SRM SCNCE  Science System – Wireless $3,195

THM and THM-C THM Clavicula $3,995

XT1X Shimano XT 1X System $2,799

SRAM1X SRAM Eagle 1X System $2,999

PowerControls and Accessories

PC8 PowerControl 8 $995
PC7 PowerControl 7 $469

CMAG Cadence Magnet for Wireless $19

Speed POD PCVI, PC7/8 $80

INTHC Integrated Under-Handlebar Clip $75

HC3187 31.8 Narrow Plastic HC for PC7 $35

HC260 26.0 Standard HC $35

HC318 31.8 Oversized HC $35