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Specialized Turbo Electric Bike from Ridley’s Cycle


Who needs an electric bike? In conclusion – anyone can benefit from it!
Bikeage has ridden all over the world in all kinds of conditions. I also know what it’s like sitting in a car, in traffic, wondering how I could be spending better time – but my 40km/25 mile plus commute (one way) is sometimes just too long – and the wind is too windy, and the thought of 200W+ for 1.5 hrs after a long day…ugh…I decided to try an electric bike. (spoiler alert – this one has come home with me!)

Ridley’s Okotoks has the Specialized Turbo in stock. I couldn’t resist taking one for a spin with SRM installed. The data is interesting for sure. Here I compare 3 commutes using SRM histogram – basically showing how much time is spent at power(green)/speed(purple)/cadence(blue), with 3 different bikes, bottom being the best normal case – light tailwind, aero race bike, vs two electric models.
In the middle graph, see how the motor (speed) is cutting out at 32 kph. A fit cyclist can ride 30+kph (20+mph). In the bottom graph, the spread of the speed line is pretty wide and uniform around the 32 kph. In the top graph, you get to maintain that speed over 32 kph thanks to the motor. Conclusion – you still work as hard as you want, but go a lot faster. Remember – No wind, No hills!
This is a Pedelec. In all cases, you still have to work – for sure it’s not a free ride! Stop by Ridley’s Okotoks and check it out.


Here’s another case for e-biking – mixed abilities riding together. The Turbo rider is spending time around 100W, while the normal cyclist is working a lot harder. The Canadian Specialized Turbo (32 kph) is the perfect equalizer for spouses that want to ride together, or any new cyclist that wants to learn from an experienced cyclist on training rides. It’s cheaper than a mid-range tandem and serves more purposes. It looks great too!
Turbo effort is on the left, pedal bike on the right.
This is a popular Strava segment showing the difference in output, same speed (Turbo had wrong tire calibration, will fix that later in software):