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Specialized Turbo Electric Bike from Ridley’s Cycle


Who needs an electric bike? In conclusion – anyone can benefit from it!
Bikeage has ridden all over the world in all kinds of conditions. I also know what it’s like sitting in a car, in traffic, wondering how I could be spending better time – but my 40km/25 mile plus commute (one way) is sometimes just too long – and the wind is too windy, and the thought of 200W+ for 1.5 hrs after a long day…ugh…I decided to try an electric bike. (spoiler alert – this one has come home with me!)
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Power Perspective – Solvang Double Century

Bikeage believes in the value of good data: Performance Intelligence. Here’s a comparison of 3 Double Centuries recorded with SRM True Training Precision. What’s the value of a good PowerMeter? The value is many years of data, comparable like apples to apples. 4 different SRM PowerMeters were used in the making of this story. Each one’s calibration was confirmed with the same masses, at home. The value is no dropped data or missing files. No auto-stops or pressing start buttons.
3 Doubles
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2014 Solvang Double Century

It was an interesting coincidence that the Solvang Double Century was organized for March 22, second last day of the Bikeage Base Camp. Could a snow-bound Canadian cyclist earn enough fitness to manage a respectable double century in March? The plans were made and a group of seven formed to have a go. Only 4 riders finally arrived in the Santa Ynez Valley, but with a well-laid plan and extra support from artist chef Nichole, the stage was set for the attempt.
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Bikeage Base Camp ’14

March 15-23, Solvang (CA) 4 cyclists, 1 chef aim to do it right in Solvang.
After 4 cold Alberta months with no rideable weather or roads, it was time to break the cycle and claim some road miles. Added incentive was the Solvang Double Century on March 22. Was it possible to get enough fitness to ride 200 miles after a winter training indoors plus one week of outside riding? Bikeage (Jason) decides to try, and Gordie, Peter, and cp enroll to support the cause.
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June 27 – Highwood Triangle is On

Minimalist theme this year – solo again, minimal notice, minimal supplies, but maximum preparation. I’m headed clockwise this year through Longview – the wind looks favorable on that front.

Update – wrong call on the wind. Ride aborted at km 107 in the wind and rain. Boy it was fast coming home. Overall 212km. 7:20 riding. 8 hrs total. 4741 kJ.

Cervelo S5 by SpeedTheory
SRM Telemetry here
Read the report after the break (coming soon).

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Banff Bike Fest Race Report

What a weekend! It was an eyeopener! Really well organized, so that’s always good. The fitness wasn’t quite there to be a threat in the Cat 3 stage race.
I’m racing on my first new bike in years – Cervelo S5 with Di2 – what a treat. Dura-ace 7900 SRM fits the BBright with no problems. For the TT, I use 3T clip on bars, Hed Stinger wheels, Giro aero helmet.
Realtime SRM telemetry accomplished using mapmytracksavocado mytracks bridge android software, and Sony Xperia arc phone.
I had a wheel problem in the prologue –  it was unnerving for the first 250m, I couldn’t decide to stop and fix it or not, and then I just rode. The finish came pretty fast, and before I knew it the race was over. Continue reading Banff Bike Fest Race Report